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By: P. Peratur, M.B.A., M.D.

Clinical Director, East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine

Furthermore chi infra treatment buy cheap procyclidine 5mg line, combined use of a long-acting 2-agonist and inhaled corticosteroid as well as inhalation of a long-acting anticholinergic agent may improve the survival prognosis medications 2 purchase genuine procyclidine online. Information based on scientific evidence must be provided to medicine cabinets with mirrors purchase line procyclidine the patient and family from their point of view to symptoms zollinger ellison syndrome discount 5mg procyclidine with visa inform them of all treatment options and that they may change their choice of options during the course of treatment. Patients are invited to express their will and wishes regarding terminal care and intensive care during future exacerbations, as well as regarding the use of a mechanical ventilator. Patients must also be fully informed of their right to protection of their privacy. A Japanese-language version of the handbook is available for free download at the homepage of the Japanese Respiratory Society. If a chronic airway disease is suspected, questionnaires and diagnostic guides should be used to proceed in making the diagnosis. A differential diagnosis questionnaire is available for use in cases requiring differential diagnosis from asthma. If spirometry is not available or a diagnosis cannot be made based on the physical findings, it is recommended that diagnostic treatment be started and the diagnosis be made according to the response. However, at some point pulmonary function tests become necessary to make a definitive diagnosis and to accurately evaluate the patients condition. The clinical course should be assessed after sufficient treatment for asthma with a combination of an inhaled corticosteroid plus long-acting 2-agonist (plus leukotriene receptor antagonist and theophylline). However, if spirometry is not available, severity can be estimated on the basis of the degree of the manifestations. Therefore, it is recommended that primary care physicians be in charge of daily practice and refer patients to specialists when exacerbations or complications develop. However these companies are not involved in the contents of the English Version Pocket Guide. Mortality appears to (5), and exacerbations now account for 50 leaders of the societies felt a need to *Project co-chairs; should be considered cofirst authors. The results of Clinical Presentation and the searches were sent to the groups, who Outcomes Initial Assessment reviewed and selected the studies that they Outcomes are the results of an intervention. Phenotyping search conducted for this research statement was Physiological outcomes are desirable Comorbidities not a systematic review of the evidence. Anatomical Standard Pharmacological existing evidence and then identified salient outcomes have also been used in studies Therapies knowledge gaps. The recommendations outcomes make research easier, more efficient, Managing Comorbidities were formulated via discussion and consensus. Nonpharmacological Therapies Guideline methodology was not used to There is increasing recognition, however, Integrative Management formulate or grade the recommendations that the relationship between many surrogate End-of-Life Care because they are research recommendations outcomes. The identify knowledge gaps and research improve surrogate outcomes frequently do diagnosis and treatment drafts were then questions; and make recommendations for not affect patient-centered outcomes. The final draft was context for discussion, but this Research research, and (2) finding high-quality sent to all participants for review and Statement is not intended to be a clinical surrogate outcomes that reliably predict feedback, including patient advocates and practice guideline, because other patient-centered outcomes (12). Multiple cycles of revision, documents are available that provide We recommend: review, and feedback followed until all specific clinical recommendations for the participants agreed on a version of the draft. To mitigate interpreter variability, Lung infiltrate on chest radiography Microbiological confirmation numerous quantitative techniques have High local prevalence of tuberculosis been applied (17, 18). These techniques Obliterative bronchiolitis Younger onset and in nonsmokers have not become routine clinical practice, History of rheumatoid arthritis/fume exposurefi Examples include quiet breath structural abnormalities that cause airfiow sounds, a prolonged expiratory duration, limitation. Detection of diminished that are associated with clinically significant sputum production, dyspnea, or recurrent breath sounds and hyperresonance have features. Functional capacity is best airfiow obstruction should raise awareness evidence that comorbidities are present, determined by an exercise test, such as timed of the risk for lung cancer; indeed, the ability to perform activities of daily walking distances or walking speed. Spirometric Classification of the Severity of Chronic Obstructive worsening of bronchiectasis), and biological Pulmonary Disease markers. The proposed approach has not induced by inhalational injury) drive disease progression. Disease activity is yet been fully validated and is the subject to patient-centered outcomes to a different concept than disease severity. It is unclear A phenotype is the observable properties d Studies that determine which index how to measure the activity of these. Potential surrogate markers are determined by its genotype and modulated the purpose of determining disease include the rate of change of clinical by its environment (59). They include a1-antitrypsin 0 Not troubled with breathlessness, except during strenuous exercise. Composite Prognostic Indexes in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease increased risk of a longer exacerbation (64), more dyspnea (64), and decreased survival (65). Among patients dyspnea, and previous severe with mild airfiow limitation, cancer and exacerbations cardiovascular disease accounted for 50% and 20% of the deaths, respectively. Even if some of these phenotypes are syndrome exists, patients are treated with or more comorbidities and/or systemic effects. Inhalation of such substances status on the natural history and nicotine gum) for rapid relief of acute causes a chronic infiammatory response and pathobiology of the disease. In addition, Management a regular dosing schedule and the reliever is other pathobiological processes probably used on an as-needed basis to manage acute contribute, as the disease continues to Smoking Cessation urges to smoke or breakthrough withdrawal progress in a substantial proportion of Stopping smoking increases life expectancy symptoms. Those who have smoked intuitive, its outcomes have not been studied offending agent ceases. Pharmacologic therapy may include genetic and epigenetically at 30, 40, or 50 years of age gain about with two controller agents to aid smoking determined responses (75, 76), 10, 9, and 6 years of life expectancy, cessation is recommended by some an imbalance of proteinases and respectively, compared with those who guidelines due to improved efficacy antiproteinases (76), an abnormal continue smoking (90). It has been hypothesized that plus counseling improves smoking cessation programmed cell death (79), accelerated objective evidence of disease may motivate compared with either pharmacotherapy or lung aging (80), pulmonary endothelial smokers to quit. However, the cell dysfunction (81), and abnormal ion a study that found that communicating optimal intensity of counseling is unknown. Two studies found that smokers no differences between smokers who received vasculature (8387). This is supported by the be a less harmful alternative that can decrease that lead to the abnormalities observation that smoking quit rates were both cravings and withdrawal symptoms. As examples, studies have shown the efficacy of e-cigarettes as a smoking progression, prognosis, that depression negatively impacts smoking cessation strategy is unknown. A concern is comorbidities, and treatment cessation (101), whereas cardiovascular that individuals who might otherwise avoid response of smoking-induced disease does not (102). Examples include was only about half that achieved with presumably safer electronic cigarettes and a controller plus a reliever versus smoking cessation and sustained abstinence thereby become addicted to nicotine. The second subgroup analysis (126) individuals, the e-cigarettes might serve as combinations and durations of of a randomized trial (122) suggested that a gateway to regular cigarette smoking. However, one systematic review found that electronic health records cessation strategies and seeking prevent exacerbations preferentially in were only associated with improvement in novel smoking cessation strategies patients with a history of chronic bronchitis the documentation of smoking and not and drugs. Standard Pharmacological Therapies smokers, although there is some evidence Marijuana smoking is now legal in Lung function is improved and the that differences may exist (130). However, the optimal long-acting multiple studies have found that long-term Health-related quality of life is also bronchodilator regimen is unknown. The metaan overall paucity of evidence about when immediate double or triple therapy). However, macrolides and fiuoroquinolones as well as strategies, although this approach will likely the trials used different drugs with different other classes of antibiotics. It is unknown have little effect on inaccessible areas of the administration regimens and enrolled whether such alternatives are less effective, lung or systemic features. Statins inhibit such as diarrhea, nausea, and headaches dosage, and the optimal duration of conversion of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl(156). In animal models, statins are activated protein kinase may be useful, but therapy on other patient-centered antiinfiammatory and have demonstrated previous studies in rheumatoid arthritis outcomes also need to be elucidated. The beneficial effects on lung parenchyma, demonstrated frequent side effects and loss use of macrolides has been associated with airways, and vasculature (173). Reversing corticosteroid interval greater than 450 msec, or were exercise tolerance and dyspnea among resistance is currently being explored in large using medications known to prolong the patients with coexisting hypertension (179). In addition, chronic use of a randomized trial that compared regular use to antiinfiammatory therapies. However, In a randomized, placebo-controlled trial, d Continued scientific exploration of their effect on stable infiammation and disease moxifioxacin reduced exacerbations by 25% new antiinfiammatory pathways and progression has yet to be proven. Although overall and up to 45% in the subgroup of current drugs appear ineffective, there is recent patients with purulent or mucopurulent agents that mitigate the infiammatory interest in activators of Nrf2, which regulates sputum at baseline (172). Longwho are likely to be colonized by bacteria antibiotic regimens with one another.

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Once such a m utant line is established treatment that works safe 5mg procyclidine, further research m ay be able to treatment ingrown hair buy procyclidine 5mg amex identify the m utation that causes the trait treatment concussion 5 mg procyclidine mastercard. It is not yet clear how frequently com plex traits can be m im icked by induced m utations medications 101 buy procyclidine online now, nor how useful such experim ents w ill be in uncovering the genetic basis of the com plex trait itself. The m ice w ere genetically altered so that they over-expressed a gene that has an effect in the brain and is thought to be involved in learning. These tested the ability of the m ice to recognise objects they had previously seen, to rem em ber events that had caused an em otional response, to learn relationships betw een an electric shock and a particular outcom e and to succeed in spatial learning. The genetically m odified m ice w ere norm al in all respects, except for learning and m em ory. They show ed norm al grow th, norm al body w eight and norm al m ating behaviour, but appeared to have enhanced learning capacity. When tested three to six m onths after birth, the genetically m odified m ice show ed a greater tendency for exploratory behaviour, a stronger preference for novel situations and superior abilities to code and store inform ation. The researchers concluded that over-expression of the gene resulted in a better long-term m em ory. How ever, it is very difficult to m easure the precise effects of the overexpression of the gene in the brain. M oreover, the enhancem ent effects in one experim ent lasted only three days, and in others for m erely a few hours, so the claim s should be treated w ith great caution. Even the original press release, issued by Princeton University, to w hich the researchers w ere affiliated, claim ed that the finding also 59 G enetics and hum an behaviour: the ethical context show s that genetic im provem ent of intelligence and m em ory in m am m als is now feasible, thus offering a striking exam ple of how genetic technology m ay affect m ankind and society in the next century. This w as based on the hypothesis that overexpression of the gene m ight help the brain to retain the extensive capacity for learning that young children possess naturally early on but gradually lose w ith age. This exam ple attracted m edia coverage of increasing exaggeration throughout the w orld and points to the risks of generalising the tentative results of a relatively restricted experim ent on m ice to the hum an case. M ore recent experim ents on the sam e strain of genetically m odified m ice have suggested that there is an additional, unintended effect of this m anipulation, nam ely an increased susceptibility to persistent pain. This illustrates that attem pts at genetic enhancem ent m ay have unexpected side effects. W hat are the benefits of using anim als to study the genetics of hum an behaviourfi M ice breed very rapidly and plentifully, so program m es of breeding can be m ore easily im plem ented. Thus, discovering the parts of the body and brain in w hich a know n or candidate gene is expressed (called expression analysis) can be done in the laboratory w ith a reasonable expectation that this w ill usually be sim ilar in the hum an case. A particular advantage is that scientists can study gene expression throughout the developm ent of the m ouse before birth and in early postnatal life, w hich m akes it possible to chart w here and w hen genes are expressed. Som e genes are expressed early in developm ent and never again, w hereas others are expressed later. The earlier in developm ent that a gene is expressed, the greater the ability to understand its function. This m ay enable the planning of tim ely intervention during periods at w hich the brain is m ost receptive to alteration. New treatm ents can be tried out w hen the function of genes and their products are fully identified. For exam ple, using m ouse m odels in w hich genes related to the hum an hearing system have been knocked out, researchers m ay be able to establish the best period of tim e for inserting cochlear im plants. For exam ple, studies in prairie voles have suggested that tw o chem icals in the brain, the neuropeptides oxytocin and vasopressin, play im portant roles in behaviours associated w ith m onogam y, including affiliation, paternal care and pair bonding. They have been show n to have a higher density of oxytocin receptors in specific parts of the brain than do closely related non-m onogam ous species. It is im portant to em phasise that the absence of current evidence of this nature is not evidence that such effects could not exist. On the contrary, if anim al evidence suggests a neurobiological m echanism underlying certain com plex behaviours, it is entirely plausible that at least som e residue of these m echanism s w ill eventually also be discovered in hum an beings. For exam ple, the sleep disorder narcolepsy has been found to have the sam e chem ical basis in m ice, dogs and hum ans. Identical genes m ay have different functions w ithin the developm ent of the brain in different species and m ay be expressed at varying tim es and at different developm ental stages. It m ay be that haploinsufficiency (having one instead of the norm al tw o copies of a gene) in m ice turns out to be less detrim ental than in hum ans. Unless replicated, reported findings cannot be taken at face value, because som etim es outcom es differ even in ostensibly identical conditions. For exam ple, one group of researchers set up a com parison of results from three different laboratories that studied genetically m odified m ice in w hich the gene involved in regulating a chem ical in the brain (a neurotransm itter called serotonin), had been knocked out. For exam ple, in a sim ple test of anxiety (a m aze in w hich anim als could either stay safe, relatively hidden in areas w ith high w alls, or else venture out into m ore dangerous open areas), the differences betw een genetically m odified m ice and the controls, varied as a 16 Insel, T. Narcolepsy: clinical features, new pathophysiologic insights, and future perspectives. Hum anm ouse differences in the em bryonic expression patterns of developm ent control genes and disease genes. An evaluation of w hat the m ouse knockout experim ents are telling us about m am m alian behaviour. One laboratorys m odified m ice show ed m ore activity in the open areas of the m aze, the second laboratorys m odified m ice show ed less, and in the third laboratory there w as no difference in activity betw een the m odified m ice and the controls. These results presum ably result from uncontrolled differences, for exam ple in handling, in the odour of the handlers or in the com position of the w ater supplied to the m ice. Som e of these kinds of differences, particularly handling, m ight w ell be expected to affect the em otional responses of the m ice and hence change their behaviour in this sim ple anxiety test. Results that have been replicated under different conditions or using several different w ays of assessing anxiety are therefore likely to be m ore reliable than those resulting from a single m easurem ent. The results obtained are alw ays likely to depend in part on the environm ent in w hich the test is conducted. Note also that knocking out a gene that is expressed in the brain, for exam ple, m ight have no consequences of behaviour in m ice, w hile dam age to the equivalent genes m ight by contrast critically affect behaviour in the hum an case. This is because the effects of the expression of the sam e gene across tw o species m ay differ. In sum, environm ental factors clearly interact w ith an anim als genotype to produce the final phenotype. Furtherm ore, genetic effects can be beneficial in one environm ent, but dam aging in another. Som e even have antagonistic effects on life span in the different sexes and across different environm ents. Often the effects of genetically m odifying an anim al are only studied w ith respect to a single hypothesis about the function of the gene in question, despite the fact that the gene m ay be pleiotropic (that is, have m ore than one effect) and be expressed in several parts of the body and brain. How com parable is the enhancem ent of the m ouses learning capacity and thus perform ance in the w ater m aze task (w hich is by no m eans a natural environm ent for m ice) to im provem ents in, say, hum an m em ory in all its m ultiple form sfi Other m easurem ents less often used, but perhaps m ore analogous to hum an behaviour, m ight be speed of processing or the tim e one takes to react to a novel stim ulus. Quantitative trait locus m apping in laboratory m ice derived from a replicated selection experim ent for open-field activity. Quantitative trait loci for life span in Drosophila m elanogaster: interactions w ith genetic background and larval density. One m ight, for instance, be able to speed up a m ouses search for hidden objects by altering one of its genes. Should it therefore be concluded that such enhancem ent w ould be beneficial in the hum an casefi W hile there are m any sim ilarities, in term s of genetics, betw een som e anim als and hum ans, the results of studies involving anim als cannot be taken to apply in a straightforw ard w ay to hum an behaviour. The Sim onBinet test w as com m issioned by the French governm ent to identify children w ho w ould not benefit from ordinary schooling because of low intelligence. Other tests have been developed in different contexts than education, for exam ple in m ilitary recruitm ent. The use of such tests has often aroused controversy and criticism, particularly w hen com bined w ith claim s about the biological basis of variation in test scores. Here, it suffices to observe that research into genetic influences on intelligence has been associated, historically, w ith significant concerns about m isuse of the inform ation and unfair discrim ination. How ever, there is considerable disagreem ent about w hether these tests do in fact m easure intelligence, and even w hether intelligence can be m easured by a test at all. Am ong its elem ents are speed and span of grasp, the ability to see im plications and conversely to discern a non sequitur and other fallacies, to discern analogies and form al parallels betw een outw ardly dissim ilar phenom ena or thought structures, and m uch else besides. Som e require an individual to engage in reasoning in order to solve novel problem s, w hich m ay be presented in verbal, num erical or diagram m atical form.

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Ammonia treatment jock itch purchase procyclidine 5mg line, hydrogen sulphide symptoms syphilis purchase procyclidine pills in toronto, inorganic dust and organic dust may be causally involved treatment 8 cm ovarian cyst procyclidine 5 mg free shipping, but a role for specifc biological agents cannot be excluded medications not to crush buy discount procyclidine 5 mg on line. However, air pollution from motor vehicle emissions in cities is associated with a decrease in lung function. Some studies have suggested that women are more susceptible to the effects of tobacco smoke than men and raise concerns on the increasing number of female smokers in both developed and developing countries. Early diagnosis with successful smoking cessation interventions reduce the decline in lung function, and early intervention with effective treatment improves symptoms and health status. As lung function deteriorates, the breathlessness interferes with patients daily activities. Extrapulmonary effects such as weight loss, signs of cor pulmonale and other co-morbid conditions should also be identifed and assessed. Physical signs of airfow limitation and air trapping (barrel chest, loss of cardiac and liver dullness, prolonged expiration, reduced breath sounds) are not usually present until the disease is already at an advanced stage. Spirometry should be performed in people with exposure to risk factors who have chronic cough and sputum production even without dyspnoea as it may help identify patients earlier in the course of the disease. Chest Radiograph A chest radiograph is valuable in excluding other diagnoses such as lung cancer, heart failure, bronchiectasis and tuberculosis. High resolution computed tomography scanning is not routinely recommended unless there is diagnostic uncertainty. Other suggested investigations include fasting plasma glucose, serum albumin and serum fasting lipids to detect other common co-morbidities. Follow-up visits should include evaluation of the following: Exposure to risk factors especially tobacco smoke. Body weight and body mass index provide information on the nutritional status of the patient. Active smokers and patients with frequent exacerbations are at risk of faster decline in lung function. Assess the effectiveness of current regimen in controlling symptoms and any side effects from the medications. Ensure that patients are taking their medication at the right dose and frequency and inhaler techniques are correct. Severity can be estimated by the increased need for bronchodilator medication or systemic glucocorticosteroid requirements. Hospitalisations should be documented including the duration of stay and any use of invasive and non-invasive ventilation. Smoking prevention strategies and availability of smoking cessation services should be emphasised to encourage smoke-free lifestyles. Mandatory legal provision for pictorial health warnings on cigarette packs and packages is an effcient way to deliver clear, truthful anti-smoking messages directly to smokers. Such bans are proven to work, resulting in measurable gains in respiratory health. Children less than two years old who are passively exposed to cigarette smoke have an increased prevalence of respiratory infections, and are at a greater risk of developing chronic respiratory symptoms later in life. Effective interventions include individual as well as group programmes such as community-based stop-smoking challenges. Counselling from doctors and other health professionals, given either by individual face-to-face interactions, group interactions or through telephone or web-based quit smoking services 3. Combination of counselling and pharmacotherapy A successful smoking cessation strategy requires a multi-faceted approach that includes sustained escalation in tobacco taxation, coherent government policies and legislations to reduce tobacco demands and production as well as health education and frequent dissemination of consistent antitobacco messages through the media and settings such as schools. Ask every tobacco user if he or she is willing to make a quit attempt at this time. Special consideration should be given before using pharmacotherapy in selected populations: People with medical contraindications Light smokers (fewer than 10 cigarettes/day) Smokers who are pregnant Adolescent smokers. All forms of nicotine replacement therapy are signifcantly more effective than placebo. Other pharmacotherapy, like bupropion97 (Level I) and nortriptyline have also been shown to increase long term quit rates,98,99 (Level I) but should always be used as one element in a supportive intervention programme rather than on their own. Varenicline, a nicotinic acetylcholine receptor partial agonist that aids smoking cessation by relieving nicotine withdrawal symptoms and reducing the rewarding properties of nicotine has been demonstrated to be safe and effcacious. There are recent concerns that varenicline may be linked with depressed mood, agitation or suicidal thinking and behaviour in some smokers. Although it is not known how many individuals are at risk of developing respiratory disease from occupational exposures, many occupationally induced respiratory disorders can be reduced or controlled through a variety of strategies aimed at reducing the burden of inhaled particles and gases. Secondary prevention, achieved through surveillance and early case detection, is also of great importance. Both approaches are necessary to improve the present situation and to reduce the burden of lung disease. Education has been shown to improve health outcomes in patients with chronic illnesses. Studies have shown that education plays a role in improving patients skills, ability to cope with illness and health status. Prospective end-of-life discussion can lead to better understanding of advanced directives and effective therapeutic decision at end of life. Nonetheless, they have not been shown to have a consistent impact on quality of life. Methylxanthines (Example: oral sustained-release theophylline 125-300 mg twice daily) Theophylline is a weak bronchodilator, hence offering only a modest improvement in symptoms and exercise tolerance. A higher proportion of subjects in the cilomilast group were exacerbation-free at 24 weeks compared with those on placebo (74% versus 62%). Theophylline can be added to patients who are symptomatic despite maximum inhaled therapy. It includes exercise, education, psychosocial and behavioural intervention by an interdisciplinary team of specialists. There is no consensus on the optimal duration of pulmonary rehabilitation programmes. General aerobic conditioning is more helpful than specific training of respiratory muscles. Beneft is seen even in irreversible pulmonary disorders, since much of the disability and handicap results not just from the respiratory disorder per se but from secondary morbidities that often are treatable. Although the degree of airway obstruction or lung hyperinfation does not change much with pulmonary rehabilitation, reversal of muscle deconditioning and better pacing enables patients to walk further with less dyspnoea. Supplemental oxygen should be used during rehabilitative exercise training in patients with severe exercise-induced hypoxaemia. Efforts should be directed towards the setting up of both hospital and home-based programmes locally. Arterial blood gas measurements should be made on two occasions when the patient is in a stable condition and on optimal treatment. It should be prescribed by a qualifed medical practitioner and titrated carefully due to concerns of carbon dioxide retention. Weight loss may further exacerbate decreased respiratory muscle strength and increase dyspnoea and impair immunity. Studies of nutritional supplementation alone have not shown improvement in pulmonary function or exercise capacity. Ongoing research is currently exploring how nutritional support can enhance exercise training and optimise the effects of pulmonary rehabilitation. Surgical techniques used have included thoracotomy, video-assisted thoracoscopy and stapled wedge resection. However, at the present time it is limited to younger patients with other chronic lung diseases. The 5-year survival after transplantation for emphysema is 45 to 60% in Western series. Elective surgery should be deferred in patients who are symptomatic, have poor exercise capacity or have acute exacerbations. Bronchodilators, smoking cessation (at least 4-8 weeks preoperatively is optimal), antibiotics, and chest physical therapy may help signifcantly reduce pulmonary complications. The patient should be educated regarding early postoperative deep breathing and incentive spirometry.

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The psychiatrist should ento convey input on side effects that they consider reasoncourage and educate patients to 897 treatment plant rd buy discount procyclidine 5 mg on-line distinguish between the able or unbearable symptoms quitting smoking buy generic procyclidine online. Emphasizing the following specific topics imtrists may choose to medications zyprexa buy procyclidine 5 mg mastercard discuss a predictable progression of proves adherence: 1) explaining when and how often to shinee symptoms buy procyclidine 5mg line treatment effects: first, side effects may emerge, then neutake the medicine; 2) suggesting reminder systems, such rovegetative symptoms remit, and finally mood improves. Patients, as well as consult with the psychiatrist before discontinuing meditheir families, if appropriate, should be instructed about cation; 6) giving the patient an opportunity to express his the significant risk of relapse. For most individuals, be improved by minimizing the cost and complexity of exercise carries benefits for overall health. For individuals who cannot afford needed medigage in aerobic exercise (5561) or resistance training cations, some pharmaceutical companies offer patient as(62, 63). Information on such programs is of depressive symptoms in the general population, with available from pharmaceutical company Web sites, from specific benefit found in older adults (64, 65) and individthe Web site of the Partnership for Prescription Assistance uals with co-occurring medical problems (57, 66). A), treatment may consist of pharmacotherapy or other treatment modalities may benefit from combined treatsomatic therapies. Electroconvulsive therapy may also options, including somatic therapies and psychosocial inbe the treatment modality of choice for patients with major terventions. Antidepressant medications can be used as an depressive disorder who have a high degree of symptom initial treatment modality by patients with mild, moderseverity. Other considerations include the presence of coate, or severe major depressive disorder. The dose of exercise and adherence to an exerfor patients with mild to moderate major depressive discise regimen may be particularly important to monitor in the order. The availability of clinicians with appropriate trainassessment of whether an exercise intervention is useful for ing and expertise in specific psychotherapeutic approaches major depressive disorder (69, 70). The optimal disorders, or the stage, chronicity, and severity of the major regimen is one the patient prefers and will adhere to. Specifically, many severely depressed Figure 1 summarizes treatment modalities that may be patients will require both a depression-focused psychoappropriate during the acute phase of treatment dependtherapy and a somatic treatment such as pharmacotherapy. Given the lower occurrence of side efcisions for individual patients and that determinations of fects and suggestion of enduring benefits associated with episode severity are imprecise, although rating scales may depression-focused psychotherapies (68), such treatments be helpful in assessing the magnitude of depressive sympmight be preferable alternatives to pharmacotherapy for toms and their effects on functional status and quality of some patients with mild to moderate depression. Factors to Consider in Choosing an Antidepressant between classes and within classes of medications. Response Medication rates in clinical trials typically range from 50% to 75% of Patient preference patients, with some evidence suggesting greater efficacy Nature of prior response to medication relative to placebo in individuals with severe depressive symptoms as compared with those with mild to moderate Relative efficacy and effectiveness symptoms (7173). Although remission rates are less robust Safety, tolerability, and anticipated side effects and selective publication of positive studies could affect the Co-occurring psychiatric or general medical apparent effectiveness of treatment (74, 75), these factors conditions do not appear specific to particular medications or mediPotential drug interactions cation classes. Cytochrome P450 Enzyme Metabolism of Antidepressive Agents 1A2 2B6 2C9 2C19 2D6 3A4 Amitriptyline + + ++ ++ ++ + Bupropion b Hydroxybupropion ++ Citalopram ++ + ++ Desipramine + ++ Desvenlafaxine + Duloxetine ++ ++ Escitalopram ++ + + Fluoxetine + b Norfluoxetine +++ Imipramine ++ + ++ ++ ++ Maprotiline + ++ Mirtazapine ++ + ++ + b 8-Hydroxymirtazapine ++ ++ b ++ Mirtazapine-N-oxide Nortriptyline + + ++ + Paroxetine ++ Protriptyline ++ Selegiline + ++ + + S rtra lin Venlafaxine + + ++ + b O-Norvenlafaxine ++ Sources: (82, 83). The extent to which each medication is a substrate for a specific enzyme is indicated as follows: +++ = exclusive substrate, ++ = major substrate, + = minor substrate. In older adults and others with malnutrition, chiatrists also consider the family history of response to autonomic disorders. The extent to which each medication is a substrate for a specific enzyme is indicated as follows: +++ = strong inhibitor, ++ = moderate inhibitor, + = weak inhibitor. Efficacy of antidepressant medications paroxetine (96), but other studies show no differences in 1. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors currently available include fluoxetine, sertraline, paroxetine, fluvoxamine, 2. Lower starting doses are recommended for elderly patients and for patients with panic disorder, significant anxiety or hepatic disease, and co-occurring general medical conditions. These medications are likely to be optimal medications in terms of safety, the patients acceptance of side effects, and the quantity and quality of clinical e f trial data. Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Patients With Major Depressive Disorder, Third Edition 35 Each of these medications is efficacious. Results of comparative temporary practice it is much more likely to be used in studies of desvenlafaxine are not known at this time. The severity of side effects from antidepressant medications in clinical trials has been assessed both through the a. These adverse events are generally dose dependent side effects varies among classes of antidepressant mediand tend to dissipate over the first few weeks of treatment. A washout period is essential before and after for education about sexual functioning. If the psychiatrist chooses to discontinue tion is determined to be a side effect of the antidepressant a monoamine-uptake-blocking antidepressant medication medication, a number of strategies are available, including Copyright 2010, American Psychiatric Association. Potential Treatments for Side Effects of Antidepressant Medications (continued) Antidepressant Associated a Side Effect With Effect Treatment Other (continued) Hepatotoxicity Nefazodone Provide education about and monitor for clinical evidence of hepatic dysfunction. Falls will disappear with time, lowering the dose, discontinuing Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, like other antidethe antidepressant, or substituting another antidepressant pressive agents, have been associated with an increased such as bupropion (130). Inquirtantly with tamoxifen, the metabolism of tamoxifen to its ing about a history of falls in the past year and assessing for active metabolite is reduced (7679), resulting in a potenabnormalities in gait and balance can also help in identitial decrease in its efficacy in preventing breast cancer refying patients at particular risk for falling (153). Interaction with other drugs was higher for fluoxetine, fluvoxamine, and paroxetine than for sertraf. Serotonin norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors cautiously in patients with psychotic disorders. For this reason, mirside effects that reflect noradrenergic activity, including tazapine is often given at night and may be chosen for deincreased pulse rate, dilated pupils, dry mouth, excessive pressed patients with initial insomnia and weight loss. Mirtazapine increases serum cholesterol levels in induced hypertension may respond to dose reduction. Although several patients treated the absence of a reduction in hypertension, a different anwith mirtazapine were observed to have agranulocytosis tidepressant medication may be considered. Alternatively, in early studies, subsequent clinical experience has not conin a patient with well-controlled depressive symptoms, it firmed an elevated risk (172). Bupropion apism occurs, which might require surgical correction Bupropion differs from other modern antidepressants by (174, 175). Neurologic side effects with bupropion include headSide effects with nefazodone include dry mouth, nausea, aches, tremors, and seizures (106). Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Patients With Major Depressive Disorder, Third Edition 41 4. Although patients can develop some degree cardiac risk factors and patients older than age 50 years. Tricyclic antidepressants accommodation may be counteracted through the use of act similarly to class Ia antiarrhythmic agents such as quipilocarpine eye drops. Constipation can be managed channels, prolong cardiac cell action potentials through by adequate hydration and the use of bulk laxatives. Sedation often attenuates carry an increased risk of serious cardiac adverse effects, in the first weeks of treatment, and patients experiencing including mortality (186189). If there is no medical to determine whether a management plan to minimize or contraindication, patients with symptomatic orthostatic forestall further weight gain is clinically indicated. If the myoclonus is problematic and the blood level is within the recommended range, a. Hypertensive crises the patient may be treated with clonazepam at a dose of A hypertensive crisis can occur when a patient taking an 0. If orthostatic hypotension is promonly with caution and in selected individuals with treatmentinent or associated with gait or balance problems, it may resistant symptoms (205, 206). Potentially dangerefficacy of this strategy, which can produce dangerous ous interactions, including hypertensive crises and serotohypotension (210). Implementation of pharmacotherapy and is characterized by abdominal pain, diarrhea, flushing, sweating, hyperthermia, lethargy, mental status changes, Improvement with pharmacotherapy can be observed as tremor and myoclonus, rhabdomyolysis, renal failure, carearly as the first 12 weeks of treatment, and improvediovascular shock, and possibly death. In short-term efficacy trials, all antipirone or antidepressants (157, 204, 211). Possible treatments for this side effect ineffects permitting, before changing to a different antideclude adding dietary salt to increase intravascular volume, pressant medication. Paperipheral edema, which may be helped by the use of suptients who have achieved some improvement during the port stockings. Weight gain tinue taking antidepressant medication for a total of at Weight gain is also commonly seen in patients treated least 48 weeks. Although clinical experience is observed with maximally tolerated doses after 48 weeks limited, results of one 52-week study suggested that treatof treatment, reappraisal and adjustment of the pharmacoment with transdermal selegiline may not be associated therapy should be considered. In such patients, reduction of initial herence; and when there is concern that drug-drug interand therapeutic doses to 50% of usual adult doses is often actions are adversely affecting antidepressant medication recommended, and dose escalations should be made at a levels.